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Tauche durch Design in die Natur und konzentriere dich auf das, was wirklich zählt

Lass uns dein kleines Traumhaus finden!

Wir arbeiten mit Tiny House-Herstellern in ganz Europa zusammen,
um potenzielle Cabin-Käufer Modelle aus deiner Region anzubieten.


Unsere Cabins sind aus natürlichen Materialien hergestellt. Ihr Fußabdruck ist auf ein Minimum reduziert. 


Unsere Cabins sind resolut minimalistisch. Sie ermöglichen eine direkte Verbindung mit der Natur.

Leichter Einbau

Unsere Cabins lassen sich leicht ein- und abbauen.
Dies bringt Flexibilität für ihre Eigentümer.

Teile uns deine Suchkriterien über unser Formular mit und wir melden uns mit angemessenen Angeboten bei dir!

Wie es funktioniert

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Gib deine Suchkriterien ein

Größe, Budget, Stil, Wasser- und Energielösungen... Nutze unser Online-Formular um uns mitzuteilen, welche Art von Tiny House du suchst!

Entdecke unsere Cabin-Modelle

Lass uns austauschen und dir Modelle aus unserem Portfolio vorstellen, die deinen Suchkriterien entsprechen.

Diskutiere mit dem Hersteller

Du bist von einem unserer Modelle überzeugt?
Wir verbinden dich dann mit dem entsprechenden Hersteller, um deinen Erwerb abzuschließen.


How can Cabin Experience help me to get the right tiny house model?

Based on the search criteria you have entered in our online form, we will check which cabin models best suit you in our portfolio. We will then present you a first selection in a dedicated meeting. You have questions or possible change requests? We will be glad to clarify them. After you have decided on a cabin model, we will put you in contact with the cabin manufacturer. He will take over the discussion from then on.

What is the price of your cabins?

It depends on the cabin model and its equipment. The price of the cabins we mediate ranges from about 10,000 € (10 m2, without bathroom and kitchen, primarily intended for overnight stay) to 100,000 € (cabins of 35-40 m2 with special design and high-quality equipment).

Who do I buy my cabin in the end from?

You will buy your cabin directly from the manufacturer. Your sales contract will be only with him.

Does your mediation service cost me anything as a cabin buyer?

We select cabin models and connect you with manufacturers free of charge. We receive a commission directly from the manufacturer when you sign a sales contract with him, so you don’t have any additional costs.

How easy is it to install cabins?

It depends on the model. All cabins we select for you are in principle easy to set up. Even those without wheels rest on light foundations which do not require extensive preparation of the plot. As for our simplest cabin models, a few screws are sufficient to assemble them. The other models are usually delivered directly assembled by the manufacturer.

I would like to buy a cabin but I am not sure the land I have is suitable for it.

Not all plots are indeed suitable for tiny houses. Depending on cabin size and land type you might need permits. Which ones exactly depends on the legal framework prevailing in your country or even sometimes in your region. Feel free to contact us and we will do our best to advise you!

I want to buy a cabin, but I don't have any land.  How can I concretely find a plot with you?

Please contact us! On the page "Find a Land" you will find all the information you need to find the right host for your cabin.

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