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Finde ein Grundstück für dein Tiny-House

Am Rande eines Sees oder eines Waldes?

Mit Blick auf die Berge oder das Meer?

Order einfach mitten auf einer Wiese?...

Setze dich mit unserem Netzwerk von Landbesitzern in Verbindung und finde den Traumstandort für dein Tiny House!

Wie es funktioniert

Verbinde dich mit Landbesitzern

Teile uns mit, welche Art von Grundstück du für deine Cabin suchst und wir bringen dich in Kontakt mit potenziellen Gastgebern

Definiere gemeinsame Regeln

Lege mit deinem Gastgeber fest, wie lange du seine Parzelle nutzen willst, wie oft du deine Cabin vermietest und welchen Mietanteil jeder erhält

Teile Mieteinnahmen

Mach dir keine Sorge um die Logistik: wir vermieten deine Cabin über Buchungsportale und teilen die Einnahmen zwischen dir und deinem Gastgeber


Häufig gestellte Fragen

Cabin owners

How can Cabin Experience help me find a plot for my tiny house?

On our platform you will soon have the possibility to contact landowners at whom you can install your cabin. To make your search easier you will be able to filter their plots by criteria: type of land, location, maximum length of stay, special conditions of use, etc. Please feel free to contact us to get more information, or register directly as a plot seeker so that we know the criteria you are looking for.

How do you choose the plots presented on your platform?

We pay attention to special criteria when selecting plots. First and foremost a beautiful natural environment (forest, meadow, river, lake, sea, mountains…) and good accessibility. It is also important that the plots are adapted to Tiny Houses: either because they have already been approved for this purpose or because they do not require a permit.

Do you also mediate cabins that are already installed on a plot?

Yes, we will publish information about such projects on our website or send it directly to prospective buyers. If you are interested, please contact us so that we can include you in our newsletter.

How much time per year can I spend in my cabin if it stands on the plot of a host?

How much time you can spend in your cabin depends on your agreement with your host. In any case you should make your cabin available to travelers long enough so that your host receives an adequate portion of your income when you rent it out. We will be glad to provide you with income simulations to show you which sharing options can be imagined.

Shall I pay anything for the use of the plot?

We offer you as a cabin owner a management tool which allows you to rent out your tiny house to travelers when you are not using it. By giving a part of your rental income back to your host you will compensate him for the use of his property.

How can I terminate my contract with a host?

It depends on your agreement with your host. The use of his plot can be limited to a certain period of time or unlimited. In both cases, however, you should have the possibility to withdraw from the contract earlier if you want to move your cabin elsewhere.


I have a piece of land I would like to make available for tiny houses. I am not sure however if it is suitable.

Feel free to contact us or sign up directly as a potential host on our platform. We will then examine the technical and legal parameters of your plot and inform you about the steps to follow in order to install cabins there.

Can I as a host use the cabin of private owners on my plot?

In principle yes, but the conditions have to be defined in your agreement with the cabin owners. You can use to this end the points you receive as a host with every cabin rental: you can get them paid out of course, but you can also choose to reserve with them nights in cabins from our platform (including those on your land).

What do I get for the use of my plot by cabin owners?

As a host, you receive a part of the revenue generated by the cabins on your plot when rented out to travelers. Your exact share of the rental income is defined in your agreement with the cabin owners, and depends on whether you only make your plot available or also take care of the maintenance of the cabin.

Am I supposed to take care of cleaning the cabins and receiving guests as a host?

It is great of course if you can assume this role. You will then receive a larger share of the rental income generated by the cabins for your efforts. Otherwise we will hire local workers.

How can I terminate my contract with cabin owners?

That depends on your agreement with the cabin owners. You can offer your plot for use for a limited or unlimited period of time. In both cases, however, you should have the possibility to withdraw from the contract earlier if you want to use your plot for yourself again.

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