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buy a cabin

You want to buy a tiny house but you are still looking for the right one?

We offer you a selection of models you can choose from


You always dreamed of owning a tiny house?  Let's connect!

find a land

You don't have the right hideout for your tiny house?

On our platform we offer you a selection of plots where you can install your cabin and enjoy it


You own a land potentially suitable for tiny houses?

find co-owners

You are willing to acquire a cabin but you don't want to bear the costs alone?

We connect you on our platform with potential co-owners sharing the same goals and values

manage your stay

Decide when you want to come to the cabin, define time sharing rules with your co-owners, reserve extra services...

Our co-ownership management tool makes your life as a cabin owner easier!

rent out your cabin

You can rent out your tiny house to travelers and share revenues with the land owner potentially hosting it

On our platform you can publish your tiny house on different booking portals and monitor your earnings


You have any questions on our platform services?