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Wie es funktioniert

Nutze unsere Plattform als Cabin-Eigentümer




Vermiete deine Cabin

Nutze unsere Plattform, um die Vermietung deiner Cabin auf Buchungsportalen zentral zu verwalten

Teile Mieteinnahmen

Lege mit deinem Gastgeber Hosting-Bedingungen im Tausch gegen einen Anteil am Mieteinkommen fest

Verwende deine Erlöse

Lass dich deine Mieterlöse auszahlen oder buche damit Übernachtungen an anderen Orten aus unserem Netzwerk

Unser Punktesystem

Du willst mehr über unser Sharing-System erfahren?  Sprich uns gern an!

How is the rental income distributed between the cabin owner and the host?

This is a joint decision of the two parties. Our recommendation is that both of them receive at least 20% of the rental income. Based on an overnight price of 120 € and an average booking rate, this corresponds to around 600 € per month in the high season (April-October) and 250 € in the low season. If the host also takes care of the maintenance of the cabin (e.g. cleaning, bed linen, etc.), he should of course get a higher share. Cabin Experience receives a commission of 30% for meditation, curation and organisation of the sharing system as well as for its marketing activities.

I want to buy a cabin and I already have the land to install it. Can I still use your sharing system?

You are welcome to do so! If you also take care of the maintenance of the cabin, you will receive up to 70% of the rental income generated by your cabin through our platform.

How are the prices per night determined?

The cabin owners decide on the prices. Our rental module will give them recommendations (based on occupancy rate, time period, etc.). The cabins currently available on the market are offered at prices between 80 and 200 € per night, depending on size and equipment.

Can I offer my cabin on Airbnb, Booking and similar platforms?

Our goal is that your cabin is rented by as many travelers as possible. For this reason our platform is linked to booking portals such as Airbnb and Booking: the cabins rented out through our sharing system are offered simultaneously on these different portals without any risk of double booking. The advantage for you: you manage your cabin with one single tool while maximizing your revenues.

How does your point system work?

With the help of our points system you can decide as a cabin owner and as a host when you want to use the cabin. You receive a number of points you can spend to reserve nights in the cabin. Stays in the high season or on weekends cost more points than in the low season or during the week. Your points capital increases with each new rental income - according to the distribution key you have agreed between yourself. It can be paid out to you in full or in part on your request. With the same points system you will be also able to book stays in cabins elsewhere. Your platform membership gives you access to a wide range of accommodation options in Europe without having to pay extra.

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